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Fifty three. That’s the number of customers now using MaxHire Financials after a soft launch just two months ago. Since then, we’ve been incorporating feedback from early adopters and making lots of improvements. Now we’re ready to make some noise. MaxHire Financials is open for business!

Here’s a refresher course on MaxHire Financials. With the addition of Financials, MaxHire is a fully integrated front/back office staffing solution with automatic invoicing, commissions, online time and expense, and payroll integration. The rule of thumb in contract staffing is that you’ll need one full time admin person for every 200 contractors without an online timecard solution. Compare the cost of a full-time admin at $40K per year to the cost of MaxHire Financials at less than $4K per year. You’d save enough for 30 new pairs of skis every year. Even I don’t buy that many new skis.

Sure, there are a few time and expense programs already on the market, so why did we create MaxHire Financials? The answer is simple. The other programs weren’t working for our customers. The complexities of adapting time collection, invoicing, and commissions to the different client requirement in staffing are significant and the other commercial offerings were falling short. We created Financials to fill a void – a time and expense solution that actually works for staffing with features like:

  • Integration with VMS systems to prevent duplicate data entry
  • Mobile apps for contractors to submit time on the go. Not everyone works at a desk!
  • Private labeling to strengthen your brand with both employees and client
  • Automatic commission calculation for even the most complex gross margin spread plans
  • And on, and on, and on…

The free MaxHire Financials mobile app is now available on both iPhone and Android so employees in the field can submit time on a mobile device. Just go to the app store and search for “MaxHire” and you’ll find it.

With the feedback of early adopters, we’ve fine tuned the workflow from the moment you get a new account to collecting payment. One late night at the office, after a few well-deserved beers, I thought it’d be fun to unplug my keyboard and see if I could take a client from first contact through to payment without typing a single letter. So I took out the batteries and away I went.

It worked!

I placed a candidate, submitted time using a pre-filled 40-hour timecard, approved time, sent an invoice, paid commission, and collected a check – all with a just mouse. OK, it’s a silly test, but it proves the point that it’s possible to virtually eliminate data entry.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about MaxHire Financials and getting some new skis, just contact our sales team to get a quote or arrange a demo. Here’s a link that lets you contact us using only your mouse!

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Peter Blitz is the President and founder of MaxHire responsible for gathering requirements from customers and designing new features. Contact Peter at

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