Automated Follow-Ups Improve Service Without Increasing Workload

As a leading recruiting firm that provides specialized employment services to many Fortune 500 companies, The CSI Companies, Inc. deals with, and wants to retain as many high-level consultants as possible. They do so by providing excellent customer care and listening to feedback from their consultants.

The firm recently conducted a survey and one piece of feedback they received was the request for recruiters to touch-base more often with consultants once they had been placed in a position. CSI needed a system to help remind recruiters to follow up with consultants on assignment during important intervals in the employment period.  They solved this problem using automated follow-up reminders in MaxHire at the time of placement.

Checking-in with consultants at key times during the assignment ensures that recruiters learn about any on-the-job issues and find out about other job opportunities or openings. It even gives the recruiters a chance to ask for referrals.

“We care about each of our consultants and want to show that we’re with them every step of the way,” commented Keith Lechwar, Vice President of Operations at CSI. “MaxHire took our problem and created a custom workflow to address our needs. Now our recruiters know exactly when to follow-up with their consultants thanks to the auto-generated reminders.”

Maintaining this level of communication helps to reinforce relationships between CSI and their consultants. It has also made a big impact on retaining the high-level consultants plus it’s contributing to attracting new talent.

MaxHire Professional Services offers workflow automation consulting for our customers to automate manual tasks. Contact our Sales Team to find out how we can help fine tune MaxHire to your business.

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