caticonslite_bm_alt Customer Stories

Automated Follow-Ups Improve Service Without Increasing Workload

CSI needed a system to help remind recruiters to follow up with consultants on assignment. They solved this problem using automated follow-up reminders in MaxHire at the time of placement. [...]

Automating Recruiter / Account Manager Handoffs Cut HPM’s Time-to-Fill by 40%

HPM was able to automate the communication between account managers and recruiters by using MaxHire’s Handoff Workflow Utility. This allowed the firm to cut down on recruiting lead time. [...]

MaxHire Auto-Generates Compliance Documents for Levert Personnel Resources

Contract staffing firms face a large number of client-driven and government compliance requirements. But the regulations mean a lot of extra work and added risk for staffing firms. [...]

MaxHire ‘Tune-Up’ Cuts Data Entry by 50% and Increases Efficiency for Centennial, Inc.

Software, much like a car, has many moving parts. And just like a car, it’s important to maintain your software with regular service and Tune-Ups. [...]

Streamlining Employment Screening with MaxHire’s TalentWise Integration

Consultis, a leader in providing people-based IT solutions, recently streamlined their onboarding process by automating background screening, reducing the time to process new hires by 80%. [...]

Riviera Partners Gives Employees Real-Time Visibility into Custom Metrics that Drive Performance

Recently we built a custom dashboard for Riviera Partners to meet their unique business requirements [...]

Custom Workflow Automation to Simplify Daily Activities

Baker Tilly Search and Staffing used the powerful workflow process automation engine available in MaxHire to automate and streamline one of their more tedious admin tasks. [...]

Planning for the Future: Aligning Technology and Business Growth

Planning for technology with regards to the growth of your business is imperative. Redwood Global is one company that has successfully incorporated and managed technology growth within their strategic plan. [...]

Lucas Group Uses MaxHire for Both Internal Hiring and Executive Search & Staffing

The Lucas Group is making use of MaxHire’s ability to support multiple business units to segment data between their executive search and staffing practices and their internal HR department. [...]

Hobbs & Towne Saves up to 120 Hours Each Week by Automating Progress Reports

When the firm switched over to MaxHire they wanted to automate the creation of the weekly progress reports they send out to clients. [...]